Traffic advisory: Week of Sept. 19

The underground work associated with water, storm and sanitary lines has been completed. New sidewalks and curbs along the south side of South Street from School to Glen will be next, beginning on Monday, September 19.

New street lighting and fixtures (similar to the lights on Glen Street) on the south side of the street will start appearing on South Street.


There will be two-way traffic along South Street with some intermittent alternating one-way traffic at times .


No parking is permitted on either side of South Street from the School Street/South Street intersection (by Rite Aid) to Glen Street/South Street intersection.

Free Public Parking is available in the Elm Street lot and South Street lot.


Continuing through Friday Sept. 23rd the sidewalk along the south side of South Street (the side with Pete’s Diner, Alternative Silvermine, Northway Echange ,South Street Floral, JP Bruno’s, Irish Pub, etc.) will be closed so that new sidewalks and curbs can be constructed .

Also beginning during the week of Sept 19 , on the north side of South Side by Union Square, Hocus Pocus and moving toward Glen Street, preparation will be underway for removing the current sidewalks and curbing so these sidewalks will be closed at some point during this week

Access will be still be available to the front entrance of each building on South Street!


Pedestrians may use the intersection crosswalks at the Elm Street/South Street intersection and the Glen Street/South Street intersections. Other crosswalks will not be available for crossing purposes.

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